The Immutable Passport: Entering the Web3 Arena Has Never Been Simpler for Traditional Gamers

The Last Monarchy
3 min readSep 26, 2023


The gaming industry is a behemoth. With its roots tracing back to pixelated arcade games of the ’70s, the evolution of gaming has been phenomenal. Fast forward to today, and we have games that look and feel almost real. But as the world inches closer to embracing Web3, a decentralized version of the internet built on blockchain, the gaming industry isn’t far behind. Welcome to the age of Web3 gaming!

However, for many traditional gamers, this jump from Web2 to Web3 feels like leaping across a vast chasm. The new terminologies, the blockchain complexities, the crypto-wallet setups — they’re quite intimidating. But what if there was a bridge to make this transition smoother?

Enter, the Immutable Passport.

Traditional Gamers vs. Web3: The Divide

Traditional gamers, particularly those who grew up with classics like Age of Empires, Travian, and Civilisation, cherish their gaming experiences. These games were straightforward — sign up, log in, and play.

But Web3 games, despite their potential to revolutionize the “play and earn” model, can feel a tad more intricate.

For non-crypto natives, diving into Web3 games is filled with hurdles:

  • Crypto Lingo Overload: Terms like gas fees, staking, DAO, and NFTs can be jarring for those unfamiliar with the crypto space.
  • Wallet Complexities: Setting up and managing a cryptocurrency wallet can be daunting, especially with concerns about security and asset management.
  • High Barriers to Entry: Some Web3 games require initial investments, staking, or purchasing in-game items using cryptocurrency — a foreign concept for many traditional gamers.

All these challenges can push potential players away, creating a disconnect between traditional gamers and the next-gen Web3 gaming experience.

Introducing the Immutable Passport: The Bridge to Web3

The Immutable Passport offers an innovative solution for traditional gamers to venture into the Web3 arena without the associated hitches. Here’s how:

  • User-friendly Sign-up: Just as you would sign up for any traditional game, the Immutable Passport ensures a straightforward registration process, making it accessible even for non-crypto natives.
  • Shielding from Crypto Lingo: While the Web3 infrastructure runs in the background, the Immutable Passport ensures that gamers don’t get bogged down by the overwhelming crypto terminologies. The focus remains on the game and the gaming experience.
  • Seamless Transactions: With features like low-gas transactions, the Immutable Passport provides a hassle-free environment for gamers, making in-game purchases and exchanges fluid and familiar.

The Science Behind the Immutable Passport

Immutable’s Passport is not merely a facade; it’s a potent concoction of technological marvels. It employs social and email sign-ins, replacing complex keyphrases, thus markedly lowering entry barriers. By securing private keys in a Key Management Service (KMS) vault, which is unlocked by social sign-ins, Immutable Passport ensures unparalleled security. The sanctity of private keys is upheld as they’re decrypted solely on the user’s device.

Furthermore, an embedded smart contract wallet in the Immutable Passport combined with the Guardian’s constant vigil ensures that even if malware breaches the keys, unauthorized transactions are promptly halted. A blend of client-side signings, user confirmations, and a co-signing relayer provides multiple layers of transactional security, ensuring players’ confidence.

The Symbiosis: The Last Monarchy & Immutable Passport

By seamlessly merging with the gaming experience, the Immutable Passport assures that gamers — whether crypto-savvy or not — can dive into the action without fuss. This system’s beauty lies in its intuitive design, stripping away the complexities of wallet creations, blockchain jargon, and transaction intricacies. For a project like The Last Monarchy, targeting gamers who might not have prior crypto experience, this is an invaluable asset.

This partnership with Immutable’s Passport is not just strategic; it’s transformative. It signifies The Last Monarchy’s commitment to its player base, ensuring they are provided an unadulterated gaming experience, free from the cumbersome barriers of the crypto realm. As Immutable’s Passport popularity grows, studios like The Last Monarchy will bloom. They won’t just be offering games; they’ll be offering a bridge between nostalgic gameplay and the next-gen Web3 experience.

In essence, while The Last Monarchy reignites gamers’ love for classic strategy narratives, the Immutable Passport ensures the transition to this new chapter is as effortless as the games of yesteryears. Together, they’re shaping a future where games are celebrated for their content and accessibility, rather than the intricacies of their tech frameworks.



The Last Monarchy

The Last Monarchy is an upcoming „play and earn“ Web3 strategy game set in the ancient world where players use their wits and in-game NFTs to claim the Throne.